Woven Label The most popular type of Woven Label is damask, because it is made with high density weaving-yarns. Damask Label type can brings out the high quality brand image that can display it’s soft details and more solid colors.

Printed Label is printed on these ribbon material types of nylon, sateen, and cotton. They are printed with Flexo printing machine and uses ink with various colors that has been tested safe for the environment.

HangTag is part of label products which are generally made of paper such as Art Carton, Ivory, Duplex, and Craft which have a weight range of 210 – 350gsm. Using the Heidelberg SM 52 and Heidelberg SM 74 and the best ink creates a high-quality product.

Sticker label is labels that function as media for information on a product package, which are generally found made from paper and vinyl. There are several types of stickers made from paper namely : HVS, Chromo, Semicoat, while for types vinyl, namely: silver matte, glossy and matte.

Sublimation Printing or popularly called Transfer Printing is a method used in printing on polyester fabrics or solid objects that have gone through the coating process. The process of transferring images on paper to print media is carried out by using a Heat Press Machine. Transfer process image on paper using a printer with ink special waterbased.

Heat Transfer is a type of label that is processed with dye-sublimation machine, where from this machine can branch out into various products. Heat Transfer application is using heat-press machine with temperature and certain pressure that can be configured and adjusted accordingly with the type of material medium that is being applied to.



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