Weaving Machine

Established in 1973, National Label was the first large-scale and still is one of the largest and leading woven label and satin label manufacturers in Indonesia.
Over 30 years of extensive experience allows us to offer peace of mind to your labeling needs. Our commitment is to always exceed your expectations.
This is evidence from our pursuit of excellence by implementing Quality Management System and receiving the ISO 9001:2008 certification, UKAS accredited.
We utilize the latest technology and employ only those dedicated & skilled human resources to manufacture your labels–accurate & high quality labels.
With a present manufacturing capacity of 30 million labels a month (and growing), untimely delivery will not be a concern at National Label.
Manufacturers of footwear, towels, soft toys, handkerchiefs, undergarments, spring beds, or from the garment industry, or corporations needing custom designed corporate neckties, trusted us for our reputation as the official label manufacturer for many of the top international as well as local garment and footwear brands...
At National Label, we never compromise on quality. At never stage of our process, we implement strict Quality Control System to ensure that every label meets your criteria, and more. This System is applied from the design, sampling, production, finishing, packing, up to the delivery process.
Such devotion to our products and to you, no wonder more than 90% of our broad list customers has willingly expressed their utmost satisfactions this is simply because we deliver our commitment.
Our holding company, Gunung Sewu (GS), One of the largest corporations in Indonesia, operates in various sectors such as property, life insurance, agro industry, Information Technology, footwear manufacturing facilities. Backed by Gunung Sewu, you can be rest assured that National Label will continue to innovate in new product development.

Production Process